What to do in Barcelona

If you’re going to Barcelona to watch the football, then you should really try to make the most of your trip and take in as much of this vibrant city as you can.

Going Out

The tourist hotspots are both sides of Las Ramblas, where you can find a rich variety of bars. The focal point is often Plaza Real, which is packed full especially at weekends throughout the year, but it is often wiser to move off the beaten track to more discreet bars where prices are considerably cheaper. If you would prefer a more traditional Catalan setting then Gracia is probably better and there you can enjoy plenty of plazas full of bars and a laidback atmosphere. For a more upmarket feel then Maria Cubi has sophisticated bars where the wealthier Catalans like to hang out.

Always remember though to keep a close eye on your bags etc as there is no end to the tricks which thieves will come up with to steal your things. One trick is to stop at the top of an escalator and when you bang into them the person behind takes your wallet. The city itself is not particularly dangerous but it does have more than its fair share of petty crime.

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Life is never dull in Barcelona and there are always fiestas throughout the year to enjoy. Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia has become a worldwide recognised church and Parc Guell is an equally popular place to visit. There are museums galore in Barcelona if art is your thing, and there are always plenty of new exhibitions. If instead though you prefer to unwind on the beach then you can wander down to Barceloneta or further afield to Castelldefels and Sitges.

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Things to do in Barcelona

Here is a map to help you around and to look up addresses on:

Barcelona Map