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Betting on Barcelona is a roller coaster ride perfectly illustrated by the sensational Champions League ties against PSG. It’s no wonder punters are turning to matched betting for a risk free way to win on football.

For anyone unfamiliar with this method, matched betting is a technique to turn free bets from betting promotions into risk free profits. It’s quite a money spinner with over 50 online bookmakers giving free bets and bonuses to new customers and around £1000 guaranteed profit to be made by signing up to them all.

It requires the use of specialist software; a matched betting calculator for odds matching and an odds finder to identify the best bets to place. There are lots of matched betting websites that aggregate the offers and provide guides explaining how to do each one for a guaranteed profit. The tools are easy to use with rudimentary settings to take advantage of sign up offers and more advanced setting s for experienced matched bettors who need to deviate from standard matched betting techniques.

Lots of football fans have accounts with online bookmakers and may have missed the opportunity to make some easy money from the welcome offer, although some will have hit lucky and backed a winner with their free bet. However, there are guaranteed profits to be made from other sign up offers and also offers aimed at existing customers.
Football accumulators are one of the most popular bets and very profitable for bookies, they are the classic ‘mug punter’ bet. There’s always one team, somewhere that spoils what appears a certain bet before kick off. Barcelona were banker bets before losing at home against Alavesand failing to beat Malaga earlier this season and ruined many accumulators while title rivals Real Madrid disappointed punters a number of timestoo, most recently in the 3-3 draw against La Palmas at the Bernabeu.

There are matched betting strategies to take advantage of Acca Insurance offers and make a profit on each football accumulator bet. Bookmakers run a variety of football promotions which can be used to make a risk free profit and there are enough offers on other major sportsto make matched bettingprofits in excess of £500 per month for a few hours each week.

Matched betting can be used to pay for holidays, season tickets or pretty much any treat that is likely to be put back when finances are running a little low. It’s accessible to anyone eligible to open a betting account online. It involves placing bets with a bookmaker and backing against it on a betting exchange which means start up capital of around £100 is required, although it can be done for less. Starting with a bigger bank with simply means it’s quicker to work through the offers as there is an element of a waiting a few days to for withdrawals in order to fund the next offer.

It’s very satisfying to watch the bank grow and plan how to spend the profits. Watching Barcelona live in the Champions League final at the Millennium Stadium would be really special and something that could be funded from matched betting.