To have or not to have the ball

The debate has surfaced among socios of Barcelona over the tactics of new coach Tata Martino and despite having made a winning start not all are happy about the style of football.

The fact that they had under 50 per cent of possession at the weekend against Rayo Vallecano at the weekend led to many questioning Martino’s style of football.

But the fact is that it is clearly necessary to have a breath of fresh air in the Barca dressing room and each coach needs to bring their own style. The tiki-taka tactics of Pep Guardiola were fine but he himself clearly felt there was need for a change with his decision to leave the club and now Martino’s arrival means that they are mixing short and long passing to give more variety.

The destruction of Real Sociedad in midweek shows that Martino is already getting the style of football he wants as well as the results and the way that Neymar and Messi have adapted in attack is better than most fans would have hoped for.

Martino also seems to understand well the club and its history.

“I think it is normal to have a discussion at a club like Barcelona and even more so if the trainer isn’t from the Dutch school,” he said.